CD Contents:
Track 1 Introduction to voice work Track 2 The tongue
Track 3 The neck and shoulders Track 4 Toning and vowels
Track 5 Breathing (the bellows movement)
Track 6 Singing

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Denise Gagné Williamson, music teacher and vocal coach, will show you the potential of your own beautiful singing voice.
Learning to Listen Exercises to find and develop your voice

You were meant to sing - begin to find your song today!

Your whole life you've wanted to sing, but didn't dare, because…because…you've been told you can't hold a note…you've been told you're tone-deaf…you don't know if you can sing or not because you've never tried….because you never had the time…..voice lessons are too expensive…your sister (or brother) is the talented one in the family…what would you sing? Where would you sing? The world is full of singers who never made it "big"…(insert your own favorite excuse here).

Before you go further, you need to know two things:
  • The body movements and vocal exercises in this CD WILL help you to find and develop your own beautiful and unique singing voice.
  • A beautiful singing voice is not the exception, it is your birthright.

These methods are not magic. They simply teach you how to listen to yourself, from the inside out. When you can hear and feel your voice clearly you will be able to sing. The problem is not whether or not they work, but that they may work too well.

When you fall in love with the sound of your song, will you still refuse to hear the voice of your true heart; of your dreams and desires? When you appreciate the sound of your own voice, will you stay with those who tell you to "shut-up"?

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