We are very pleased to announce the release of a new Chess Scorebook Series, created by Paul Gagné!

In this series you can choose from three different Scorebooks which are different from a typical one in several ways.

The Beginner’s Scorebook is designed for players who are learning chess notation for the first time. 
The Chess Tournament Scorebook is for experienced players who often play in tournaments, and want a scorebook that is more user friendly than those typically available.

The Intermediate Chess Scorebook is a good transition between the two. It has room for longer games and still includes some of the helpful suggestions for tournament play that were originally published in The Beginner’s Chess Scorebook. 

Choose the Scorebook that best suits your needs.

Any players not familiar with chess notation are encouraged to purchase the Beginner’s Scorebook.

The Intermediate Chess Scorebook
$8.95 CAD

This scorebook has been adapted to meet the needs of players who are learning chess notation for the first time, especially for younger players.

The players have a much larger space to write in which makes it easier to correct any errors. It also includes helpful hints, suggestions and reminders. There is one game per page, up to 25 moves.

Paul Gagne has been a teacher for twenty-four years, working with students from grades one through five. He is also a very successful chess instructor who has led many teams to rank in the top five finishes at the Annual Calgary School Team Championship. Paul is one of the few coaches to have a school win first place twice. He excels at bringing success within reach of his students, having taught many who went on to win city and provincial championships. Regardless of all the accomplishments his chess students have made, he thinks that the best part is that they enjoy playing the game.