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“What's a camping trip without a fireside sing-along?

— Denise Gagné Williamson
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My 25 Favorite Campfire Songs Recorded by Denise Gagné Williamson and friends

This campfire song book is guaranteed to get you singing along! This is the most user-friendly book and CD you can find, and comes in a convenient pocket book size that makes it highly portable.

Musicians will appreciate the melody lines and guitar chords included in the song book. Non-musicians have clear examples of each song on the audio CD, sung in a true casual campfire style. Song and game suggestions are made for many of the songs throughout the book, and all lyrics are included.

These songs are simple enough for young children to learn, and beautiful enough for more experienced singers to come back to again and again. All this for only $19.95!

Listen to a Song The Ship Titanic (1913KB)

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Just look at the titles of these favorite campfire songs:

The Goofy Classics
1. The Camp Song (I Don't Wanna Go!)
2. Quarter Master's Store
3. Ezekial Saw a Wheel
4. Rocka My Soul
5. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
6. Alouette
7. The Seven Story Window
Water Songs
8. Down by the Bay
9. Michael Row the Boat to Shore
10. Land of the Silver Birch
11. My Paddle
12. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
13. The Canoe Song
14. The Ship "Titanic"
Action Songs
15. My Bonnie
16. Lion Hunting
17. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
18. I'm a Little Piece of Tin
19. In a Cabin in a Wood
20. Picture a Cyclist
Quiet Songs
21. He's Got the Whole World
22. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
23. This Little Light of Mine
24. Kum Ba Yah
25. Day is Done